Nostalgic Reflections

San Andrés Islas, Timothy Britton Hospital wrecks.

Nostalgic Reflections


I’ve had one dream, only one dream for all of my Caribbean nights.

I offered that dream, I gave it away so it is no longer mine,

I gave that dream back to where it belongs, so that moment is now dancing with the gods.

I abstracted me closing my eyes, and then I saw you from my inside,

And I joined in one with oceans and stars,

I got swept away by a wave,

Got carried to the depths, I couldnt remember my name,

I forgot the memory of my own face.

I lost my breath, and I must have died,

But then you had me in your arms, and you had me back to come,

And that was the baptism of me,

With the salt and the water from my own inside,

The salt and the water from my dreams of one more of those

Caribbean nights.

El salto cuántico del Estado

Lectura de la columna de opinión «El salto cuántico del Estado».

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